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Bullpen Research & Consulting Inc. is a boutique real estate advisory firm founded by industry veteran Ben Myers. The firm was created to help our clients better understand the residential housing market in Canada, with a specific focus on new development in Ontario.

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Our services.


Market feasibility studies for new ground-oriented, condominium apartment, and rental apartment projects. We can determine if your proposed development is the highest and best use for the site.

Project Positioning

Project positioning reports which include recommendations for product type, suite mix, unit sizes, unit prices, unit features/finishes, common amenities, and target market.

Forecasting & Value Assessment

Location-specific and built form-specific market assessments and forecasts based on new and resale data, demographics, industry interviews, and our “buyermetric” predictive analytics. Value justification reports are designed specifically for lenders and builder’s financial partners.

Housing Presentations

Macro and micro-level housing presentations tailored to clients’ interests. We will present the latest figures, findings and forecasts (from various sources) on the national, metropolitan, and municipal level housing market at your office or company function.

Surveys & Focus Groups

Surveys and “prospective-user charrettes” involve conducting surveys of potential buyers or tenants, and a written summary and analysis of the results is prepared. We hold brainstorming events with existing or future buyers/tenants to gauge their product needs and wants, their price and rent thresholds, and their willingness to compromise or trade-off between needs/wants, and their financial ability to pay.

Letter of Opinion

Short & Quick: we offer very short Letter of Opinion reports that can be delivered within 48 hours, which provides a rapid response to any site or development opportunity. We can combine this report with urban planning expertise and proforma/financial modelling expertise sourced through our network of outside consultants with extensive knowledge of the local real estate landscape.

Monthly Retainer

If clients want to pick our brain whenever an opportunity presents itself, and skip the lengthy proposal and upfront fee process, we can negotiate a monthly retainer based on a set number of hours required per month.


Sales/Leasing assessments can be conducted on poorly performing new projects to determine the problems and suggest various solutions.

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